Loremaster Profession

Allanonto Everyone

Just because there happens to be Loremaster profession guilds based in each city the services they provide has nothing to do with city loyalty.

As Animists control herbs and are recorded due respect for it we demand the same rights.

It shows a total disregard for the realism of the game when Shaitan declares he is going to start a 2nd Loremaster character to supply potions to Thakria and it wont bother him if he is guildless as he can learn off a god.

Shaitan why bother with the pretence, just get your god to make you all you need and why you are at it get him to give you wurtfoil and anything else you need too.

As stated in previous posts, all will be eligible for the supply of our wares regardless of alignment/city or whatever at fair prices. The exception will be those that attack Loremasters clear an simple.