Loremaster Profession

Allanonto Everyone

I am please to announce the first retribution on jharrik for an attack on Tarkus aided by xandamere (who is next).

Further to my post a while ago any attack on a member of the loremaster profession be it Artisan, Alchemist or Loremaster will be dealth with in the same harsh way.

This is regardless of guild, city, good, evil or personal matters.

Also those foolish enough to think it worth a try should remember everyone needs potions and they could well face a professional ban.

For too long all players have assumed the fruits of our skills are theirs by rights and only ultimates will do, well you are all gonna have to learn.

You all readily accept it concerning herbs, potions runes and items will be the same.

The final policy etc will be decided by democratic discussion between those members of the Loremaster profession.