Mephisto, god of the nightto Silo, Artisan

The matter of Shaitan's sacrifice is a personal matter between him and his Patron. I posted a message here about it merely to point out that he has done what no other mortal would even consider. I am prepared to be proven wrong. If it is playing the system, then please, Silo and Allanon, play the same system, and we will see where it gets you.

The point is that Shaitan, as the supreme mortal bar none (Ammon comes close, but in my opinion is not Shaitan's equal), has given what he can give without harming himself too much, his order at all, his guild at all, and his city at all.

It was a brave gesture especially when you consider that it was a gamble. Had I not thought it suitable he would surely have been out of my upper order for acting irresponsibly.

The matter is not open for discussion by mortals who do not understand what they are talking about.