The Artisnas Guild

Allanonto Everyone

We are conducting internal discussion and will involve our brother guilds.

However all take not that the rpice of our skills will increase greatly.

Also there appears to be an attitude developing towards us from the Thakrians in partuclar that we are fair game.

Take notice no Artisan will attack another player unless provoked (in keeping with our neutral and passive posture).

However if given cause the full might of the guild will fall upon those in question. Similarly, as with the Animist and Wurtfpoil/Madabril no help will be given to constant offenders.

This is particularly directed to the lesser Thak scum who think by hanging onto Shaitans coattails they can elevate themselves.

Whilst we may not be the most potent fighting force it will hopefully not take long to find out what a pain in the arse we can be.