Availability Of Items

Allanonto Silo, Artisan

I agree that our skills are devauled a good example being no-one wnats non ultimate potion etc... .

However the problem is availability, if one loremaster will makes the potions/runes/items available then of course veryone needs to be equally equipped.

Our profession is neutral, if Loremaster Ramis is giving all Tharians what they want then obviously Merc and Parrius citizens need the same to be put on the same footing.

The other problem is commods ,they are very arare and can only be gained by a city generally and of courseto help it's citizens and economy tyhe city wants to sell Loremaster made items in the stalls.

A good idea would be to differentiate between the pricing of potions/runes depending on power or perhaps just make items/potions wear out quicker (not be destroed) just needing a refill or recharge.

In any event this point discusses wehtter our skills are appreciated not wether we are equipped to be a passive profession or not in terms of combat.