Our Profession

Allanonto Genesis, the god of time

First thanks for the response.

Of course I accept I may be far from the best example of my profession and I could certainly improve without a doubt.

Yes you are right that certainly with lorerobes melting I could be practically untouchable ( a few exceptions aside). However you have severelt limited the use of this skill (once per Avalon day would be fairer).

The point is I have ult guild skills, a decent comms package, a fair amount of recent and experience - If I devoted my time to defence only then yes I wcould get away - the point is that if this profession is designed to be a maker of things and be defensive give us back the loresrobes melting as it was OR something alike to decompose and lets portray the profession accordingly.

Cinaed for example is maybe a perfect example of a non agressive player using the Alchemist profession for his time in Avalon.