Artisans, Loremasters and Alchemists

Genesis, the god of timeto Allanon

Ordinations are not really about fighting. As you'll see, when you witness one next month, fighting is but a part. Alchemists, Loremaster and Artisans are not the most offensive of guilds. However, I did say that defensively they were second to none; potions heal at twice the speed, and equipping oneself with the alchemical necessities is easy.

I advise anybody considering the Loremaster profession as a novice that they are weak offensively, generally passive guilds, with great potential for healing and such. You, for instance, Allanon have no excuse for ever dying to any individual. No guild (Animists in the forest and a clever Seer aside) has the firepower to beat you; unless you make rudimentary mistakes.

It would be pointless if all guilds were simply duplicates of one another, equally offensive and defensive, same abilities, new messages. You make a genuine choice with your profession, alignment, allies, and, perhaps most importantly, outlook of your skills.