Allanonto The Lord, Shaitan

I almost forgot a few points of note:

Shait's guild would be safe for sorcerers because of the number of marked locs that stop portal/traversal

As I said the Void would still be there

Shaitan as HP you obviously have a safe haven (if you need it)

In short unless all Patron gods go in for marking locations here there and everywehere just from a safety viewpoint there will be no equality, but of course I forgot I am sure that is how you loike it Shaitan.

PS You will be pleased to know your carping about Lorerobes seems to have worked what was a totally legit defensive SKILL as a part of my profession now seems almost worthless.

Out of interest I wonder if the reason only certain others post is fear of reprisal, if so you may be right they are pathetic worms that deserve to die.