Allanonto The Lord, Shaitan

Let us remeber that before the Temples, who always used to prepare for fights and run hide in the Dark Void, ahhhh I think I can remember.

(Basically as you have demonstrated on many occasions when things suit you they are fine, if someone makes use of skills/abailities that harm yiou you carp on, cry bug ab=nd try to put pressure on for changes.

I speak for many in saying I wont walk around Avalon protected just because you might be on or catted.

One day soon you make make being a god, many I am sure will respect you less then than they do now - I suppose at least you can zap them when a god.

The message is you are good enough, with enough advantages as it is (wink), stop manipulating the rules for your own personal benefit as and when it suits you.

I for one will never bow before you no matter how many times you call me coward or a weak fighter. Your opinion matters nothing to me.