You pathetic Hypocrite

Allanonto The Lord, Shaitan

First let me state the obvious that Shaitan due to a combination of very high skills, probably the most offensive guildskills, a gem or two and last but of course not least being a very skillful players of the game (his understanding of both his own skills and those of other guilds is sometimes amazing) is therefore a person one does not look to fight.

Since temples have been introduced, he has often planned attacks from there and before the extra safety of the eternal mana gem shaitan often ran to hide in temple from the mobs out for his blood. At the time when this was criticised he did not seem to care.

How you change your tune Shaitan, you now feel it is quite alright know you have you eternal favours (CAT ability) and you gem that of course you can easily copw with whatever life brings you.