The Lord, Shaitanto Allanon

Yes, I'm sure you intend to find out how good xandamere is at running. Someone who is so adept at putting his tail between his legs and lorerobes melding is, indeed, a good judge of running skill. Anyhow, who cares if you think xandamere is teling the truth. You attacked in a temple and your claim that you point amulet9535 haplo couldn't stop is is obviously crap. You do, in fact, have a history recently of doing that. Just the otehr day you and trell attacked and, in fact, killed me in our temple. Then, via methods which I won't reveal, I saw you brag to markus that \"we just killed shaitan! \", showing no remorse at all for your act. I suspect, in fact, that you shoped to kill xandamere real quick and perhaps without anyone noticing