The Lord, Shaitanto Sir Haplo the Knight of Gates

Let's get something straight here haplo. I did not drag you to the fort, you followed me. No one MADE you follow me. Furthermore, I had previously declared you an enemy. But that's really irrelevent. The fact is, I'm Prince and if I decide that you are an enemy of the city (and by attempting to assasinate me, the city's leader, you surely are an enemy!) then I will declare you one where and when I feel like it. Abuse of city powers my rear. I am the dictator of Thakria and report to one person regarding my actions concerning the city: Mephisto.

Allanon: I disfavoured you because I was sitting in the temple, and all of a sudden you came in and hurt poor xandamere. I don't like that much. I could understand it if I summoned him and all of a sudden he was there, but I didn't. He walked there from salt street, giving you plenty of warning that you were in a temple (as when you enter the room you see the location name).