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Allanonto Mephisto, god of the night

Reall this message is to all players but as it does dicuss the temple of the God Mephisto and the actions of his high priest I have directed it accordingly.

During the course of a fun fight (Me Trell Haplo) vs Shait & Xandamere the latter 2 players used their temple as a base , in itself no crim but sending tempests, demons etc as a prelude to attack must constitue a breach of temple discipline. Especially as after each attack the two players in question scurried back to thwe temple to regroup.

Also in blatant flouting of the temple sanctity Xandamerer was put out in thak (salt st) as bait. After gating to xandamerer and following him he ran to the temple, As soon as humanly possible I broke off attack (maybe one splash of a potion went off).

Surprise suprise, The Great Shaitan was waiting ion temple entrance and with miraculous reactions blocked my exit north and preceded to try to absolve me.

After barely escaping I then get disfavoured by Shaitan, whichj happen to screw up some very necessary defences.

I make no accusations, I do not dare to presume to offer suggestionsto a god I just tell it how it happend and await with interest any response.