The Role of the Animists

Dankworth, Dark Forestalto Everyone

As many of you are aware, since I became Guildmaster of the Animists I have promoted a policy of neutrality under which we help all those who come in peace irrespective of alignment, city, guild or motive.

I believe this policy to best discharge our duty to respect life in Avalon. Another part of this duty is the duty to protect the forests and the forest creatures. I take this duty very seriously and believe that, as a guild, we must use all our skills to live up to it. This obviously includes decomposition.

Decomposition for this reason does not mean that we are favouring good any more than healing a sorceror means that we favour evil. This is our job and I believe that the skills that we have are the bare minimum to meet it. We gain no benefit from using decompose to protect the forests. If I ever learn of an Animist using decompose other than in self defense or to protect the forest I shall eject them from the guild. I will not, however, apologise for its legitimate use. Remember there are skills such as cleave and absolve, of similar power, which may be used without restriction.

Dankworth, Guildmaster of the Animists