Animists, Decomposition

I am patron of the Animists guild. I am fully aware of their powers and of the moral duty that rests in their hands to use those powers wisely. As the god of night you have no jurisdiction over the use of these powers. To do so would be akin to me taking draconian action aggainst Trekker for chosing a life of comparitive peace and good will.

I have received messages concerning in particular Macros - who fully deserved disfavour for burning sacred locations in the forest - and is fully aware of that due punishment, and Jharrik. So far as I understand it Jharrik was fully warned and persisted in offensive action before he was consumed by the belly of the forest. I grow impatient with those would throw their hands up in dismay when Animists are not benign observers in a land of beast-men, without any conception of their own hypocrisy - let alone margin to comment on the actions of others.

Thank you.