Can I make a humble suggestion? The player, or you make thier complaint known to the animists guild this, has obviously been done. We, as a guild, under the auspices of our patron investigate any alledged abuse of guild powers/skills and then take the appropriate action.

As you quite rightly say its a question of trust, of perhaps all the guilds and set of characters within this land I would hope we of all people can be trusted to undertake a fair and unbiased investigation.

I rather imagine such actions in terms of investiagtion are already underway. I appreciate this is probably out of role for you as a god however as you admit your post was out of role in the first place.

Belive me, to some of us the *abuse* of decompose is an extremely serious offence and will be delt with as such, if it is found to have been abused. Lugonn, The Shining One