Defense of the forests

The Animists are charged with the defence of the forests and all life in Avalon. Regretably, we have relatively few teeth with which to carry out this duty. I will certainly encourage members of my guild to try to use their lesser powers (stun,seal,call,fear and command) to achieve these aims but if people persist in attacks on the forest our last deterrent must needs be used. I will investigate whether in this case sufficient attempt was made to use these lesser powers.

On a roleplay point, just because the forest creatures and the forest itself are system controlled does not mean that they should figure any less strongly in our concerns. I take attacks on the forest and its inhabitants very seriously.

This is not a matter of the Animists taking sides and I am determined that we remain neutral. We are simply doing our job and will act against any who violate the forests.

Dankworth, Dark Forestal