Ranger Balthus Goldeneyeto The Lord, Shaitan

Now I have heard it all... moralizing from the likes of Shaitan and Macros.

Let me get this straight: You guys can do anything you want because you're evil. This means you have no rules to govern your actions, and can even do \"good\" deeds, (like bathing Rangers, right, Shai?)

The rest of us however, must strictly follow behavioral guidelines that you seem to spend an awful lot of time thinking about, because you are quick to point out when folks from other guilds don't act like you think they should.

Well, here's an idea, how about you stick to your own affairs, you know, slaying, pillaging, demon-petting, etc., and leave those of us who don't care what you have to say, to ours.

Please send any threats of violence and other idiotic comments to me personally, and have a nice day.