The Lord, Shaitanto Lugonn, The Shining One

I, for one, think it's be a great idea for god's to nail people who act blatantly out of character. If Aldaron wants to punish people that aren't acting in character, go for it I say. On the subject of animists: they have the most powerful skills in the game, bar none ( instant death in the forests, forest command, forest bring, forest eject, merging, zapping around the forests, earthbinding (so no one in the game can gate or traverse), etc. Mephisto is right. If animists abuse these skills and use things like decompose regularly, I can only see that hurting the animists in general. It has been my understanding and experience that animists only use decompose in order to defend themselves as a last resort. When I used to attack fiorella, for instance, she did , on only very rare occasions and when close to dying, decompose me. Most other times she would use some gate like ability to return to a safe spot. If you, karamis, are going to be decomposing people because they slay people that happen to live in the

forests, then I expect you'll take this ridiculous logic a bit further and slay all those who seek to kill any ranger too. Your guild, from what I understand, is not the guild of the forests (that's rangers) but the guild of life.