Well, Macros, if and when i am asked to leave the animists i will do so without animosity as i take full responsibility for my actions. Unlike you, who needs to continually blame your defoliations upon others and with words that come surprisingly close to whines from such a powerful and old sorcerer. Where Jharrik is concerned, I first told him not to kill the people of the forest, which he ignored. That was his choice. I made mine. I dont excuse it and i am not happy about it. I would have bathed him, but there is no body by the means with which he died. + Your dealings and agreements with Dankworth and other members of the Animists are you affair and theirs. I was not consulted on any of these issues and therefore do not feel beholded to them.

If you want to discuss this further with me, i suggest we do so in private and not on the BB.

Karamis, of the grass-stained feet