I witnessed the event of which you speak, and have cautioned Karamis. If her patron and guild do not take action, I shall, and it shall be draconian.

It is not acceptable for animists to kill someone in the name of preservation of life. The facility to slay immediately is a last resort, not an immediate reaction, and if I see any animists using it in any other way, I will punish them most severely.

When Aldaron saw fit to grant his guildsfolk this rather extreme power, he did so on the understanding that it would be used infrequently, and only in extreme circumstances. It is not being used thus, and I would therefore suggest that if this abuse continues the power be removed.

I stress that it is the minority rather than the majority of Animists who do this, and it would seem churlish of them to continue and deprive the whole guild of its most potent deterent.