Fiorella the little flower gardenerto Everyone

Last night, I found that wurtfoil was unable to cure Vampyrism. It seems that the cure is now madabril.

Madabril and wurtfoil are both annual herbs, which have to be evoked each New Year. However, madabril grows slower than wurtfoil so it will always be in short supply. Furthermore, madabril has always been quite unreliable in its effects, and I do not know how many will be required to cure Vampyrism.

Up to now, madabril has been on sale, when available. However, the new situation would seem to give the possibility of someone buying up the entire stock, and using it to manipulate people. For this reason, I have decided to withdraw it from sale.

Those needing a cure for Vampyrism should ask for it - I am not the only one who can provide it, the ability to pick it is quite widely held.