Forts - Excessive Force

The idea of having forts is a good idea i think but the way they currently work is a bit over the top i feel. As an emeny as soon as you walk into certain locations the forts appear and you can be dead in a matter of seconds, they even detect you when you are invisible, this should be changed being invisible you can get past a cities defenders with no problem, the same should be for forts. Also the amount of damage they do and the time it takes is a bit excessive i feel, especially when they do 500 hps damage every second or so. I know that forts are a new thing and they need a certain amount of time to get the specifics just right so could something be down, as at present you will find if you are an enemy of a city you can be dead as soon as you set foot into it. Also as gods need essence to survive with the way forts are acting at present it is impossible to get suitable offerings for our patrons.