Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

This day I set a quest to my most loyal and steadfast follower. I told him to go forth and within the space of one half of an avalon day, to offer me the bodies of the Princes of the other two cities in Avalon.

Gandalf presented him with little problem, enshrined as he was in his council chambers with Ithakus.

Marie, despite being cooped up similarly with a bunch of her cronies, eventually fell, and Shaitan offered me her body.

For being thus dominant over Avalon, I have made Shaitan my High Priest, an honour which has been given out to only two - one of whom is now a god. I expect him to follow in the footsteps of Blodwyn, and to be ordained shortly.

In the meantime, he will watch over my flock like a wary shepherd, and will strike back against any who dare to attempt to harm them with the cunning of the wolf.

He is also authorised to use extreme unpleasantness against anybody attacking anyone in my temple.