Yousuf and Paks' wedding

Not being one to miss out on the big occassion I didnt take offence at not being invited to Yousuf and Paks Wedding. Instead I invited myself to their Honeymoon night roll around, I heard it was in Azrili on the banks of the lake.

I strolled along to azrili and there greeted me a site of such perversion that I felt compelled to burst in on the scene of this lovemaking and spit some Resik at Yousuf. Now I know yousuf makes peoples hands swell up and drop things, but wow ! What it did to Yousufs \"Old boy\" dont warrant mentioning. Saddened to see Yousuf writing around in agony clasping his \"Togger\" I swiftly despatched him to the ship, well hey I have some compassion you know ! Still what thanks did I get from Paks, tsk.

And it was well worth the Eternal Disfavour of Apollo to see Yousuf and his \"Chap\" sliced from his body. I hope this doesnt mean Iam barred from the Christening ?