Allanonto Marie of Parrius

Sorry for having to post this on Public BB but several have asked my respons to Maries offer of me returning to Parrius and having an election.

My comments are as follows:

A lot of the people that would have voted for me have left Parrius already.

I would not be surprised if more of the current citizens that support me do not also leave Parrius in the near future.

After I was kicked out I foolishly tried to nick runes from Parrius in a fit of pique, giving my detractor ammunition (tho if chambers are inadequately protected the things deserve to get nicked).

I have pledged my loyalty to Mercinae, I do not do things like quit ity on a whim.

In short no I wil not return to Parrius to fight an election I would certainly lose. Why I ask, was an election not agreed to in the first place as I asked for it.

Parrius may be rich, may have lots of commods but it on the slippery slope