Avalon, the Net and Reliability

Dankworth, forest dreamerto Genesis, the god of time

I have refrained from commenting on the US move whilst giving everything a fair chance to settle down.

As a UK player, my considered view is that thus far the move has proved a considerable step backwards. It is my wish to play Avalon for 2-3 hours per evening. One day in two, this is possible without interruption, the performance being excellent. The rest of the time, however, I suffer sudden lock-ups. Once these occur it can take 30-90 mins and 40-50 unsuccessful or partly succesful attempts to reconnect to Avalon. This is infuriating.

As the link to Pipex and IBMPCUG appears fine now these problems would seem to be in the US.

Trusting the news US players will make up for lost British play time.

Dankworth, the Exasperated