Dankworth, forest dreamerto Everyone

As Guildmaster of the Animists, I shall restate my own policy and the policy of the Guild on Wurtfoil and aid generally.

It is the policy of the Guild to help all those that come in peace without favour, withour reference to alignment, guild, order or actions. The requirement placed on us by the Gods to provide Wurtfoil sufficient to restore any player once to 3 safe rides is only a minimum and one we would hope always to exceed.

This being said, you should all note that only one active Animist currently has the ULTIMATE skills required to pick Wurtfoil and we now have no other source. This will necessarily greatly limit supplies.

If any Animist acts in breach of the spirit of this policy, I should like to know. If anyone spreads rumours about our actions ill-founded in fact, then they are fools. Remember, this policy is sorely tested every time an Animist is slain, especially the junior who cannot defend themselves. We hold firm to our beliefs but are sorely tested.