Your bb to me

Casimian Trillinezto Shaitan, the Antichrist

as a matter of fact i have been exposed to great deal of midevil history (out of charater) i live with two Phd's... one in midevil european history and the other in mideivl politics & so shaitan i have had occasion to speak many a conversation on such as your supposed status as prince and the point remains... why that happens?? maybe its because your beloved prince preys the same way and in an effort to keep thak weak/regain our rightful possesions you become the target as we fully know he's in the habit of selling at low prices or even giveing away that witch wasnt his rightfully... and eye for and eye ect. . .

sorry this isnt shorter sir ammon but, as long as it takes shaitan to read this and retort back the less time he has to kill innocent people <g>

casimian... oh yeah and HUGS shaitan---> is that your problem maybe?? unloved as a child?? I make a call for all to just hug big bad shaitan!! he needs it!