Sir Haplo, Knight of fateto Everyone

Yes, Yes , Yes, Marie was not elected in Parrius. All of the barons know that.

Shaitan: You go on about democracy , How can you possibly ramble on so when Thakria has never heard of the word ?

The simple fact is that Marie was given the post of Baron by an undemocratic way . namely a GOD .

And arguing with Gods (even if your in the right) Just gets you Zapped !

But let me fill you all in on a few facts:

All of the Barons and citizens are quite happy having marie as Prince and Baron. She makes the cities of Thakria and Mercaine (is it still a city?), look pathetic!

The only person to challenge marie is silo , (ya need a few more case ya didnt know)

For all Thakria's ramblings, Parrius is by far the riches city.

Shaitan's just miffed cos his little plan with Allanon didn't come off.

Sir Haplo, For Parrius and the sorely missed Orthwein, god of fate.