Shaitan, the Antichristto Silk, the Kwisatz Haderach

Democracy, friend silk, requires an election. As far as I know, marie was never elected to the barony and even though she was appointed a baron she was made princess not only without the unanimous support of the barons but against the express wishes of one. This is not democracy, this is expediency. I hear of a man, in another world, named Hitler who did many of the same things. He rose to power in a country that was falling apart and proceeded to abuse, extradite, and kill many of his own citizens.

On another note, it has come to my attention, through some friends of mine in Parrius who dislike the current leadership, that Marie is intending to have wurtfoil brews. Now, the question can be asked, where is she getting this wurtfoil? I am pretty darn sure i read on a recent bb how the will of the gods now is that the animists will pick the wurtfoil and only once raise people back up to 3 full ship rides (small people excepted of course). Marie is hardly a small person. If she was a non-violent type, it would be understandable, I think, but seeing as how she regularly attacks people (like allanon, guildmaster of one of the guilds in her own city) I hardly think she deserves it anymore than I do. If the animists are going to make a public statement of their basic neutrality in giving out wurtfoil to only small players, then I certainly hope they will stick to it. On the other hand, Marie might have assumed she could get some wurtfoil and will not be able to in which case I apologize for wasting everyone's