God you really are thick

Allanonto Marie of Parrius

As you often like to remark marie how some players seem so mentally impaired that they cannot read.

If you choose to read my previous message as many times as it takes for you to comprehend the words (typo's aside -grin) you will see I refer to a time (incidentally just after you left Parrius in the lurch because it would not kiss your fat arse) when Parrius had very little commods.

Without my actions done for the gain of the city (nopt personal gain) Parrians would have had even less potions/runes than they did. At that time there was minimal glass and silver.

No doubt thats why they used to come to kristinisti to shop.

Regarding the Artisans guild I have posted there to my guildmembers - It is none of your business in any event!.