Self inflicted injuries

Marie of Parriusto Allanon

Oh dear dear, you are caught in the Parrian council chambers with your Thakrian paymaster, and your bosom buddy Silo, nicking our runes and you cry Foul????

Pardon me while I roll on the floor laughing. You have shot yourself in the foot on this one Allanon, and are you admitting that under your barony you were not squeaky clean and stole fror your city? Well the Parrius barony is no longer corrupt, in fact we have the most loyal and hardworking barony in Avalon.

As to using your guild as a weapon and again throwing a temper tantrum and threatening Parrius with it, perhaps you ought to remember is is composed of loyal decent Parrians who will be disgusted at your self confessed crimes. Lets hope they have sense enough to challenge you for dragging their good name in the mud.

Enemy you have been declared, with Silo and Cimares, enemy you will remain.

Marie of Parrius