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Sir Haplo, Knight of fateto Allanon

If you stole runes while being Parrian, it was off your own back, Parrius has always had lots of silver, more than both the other cities put together probably...

_Anyone_ that steals runes from the Oval Chambers is an enemy of Parrius. The are not individually owned runes, they are the runes of Parrius.

If the prince of Parrius wishes to change this, she may do.

What is most alarming, is your seemingly Mercenary like attitude . Cimares pays you to steal runes, you do so... What if someone pays you to kill ?. How far can you be brought Allanon ?

Apollo: Is Allanon still a follower of yours? does he walk in the light ? . I wonder.

Sir Haplo, For Parrius, and Orthwein.