New rules (dead horse)

I realize this is a dead horse. but...

For the first time i felt powerful enough to adventure forth with the \"bigboys\". It was great i jabbed i missed i jabbed i missed i webbed i burned ... etc. I was the MOST fun ive had being alive... but despite the fun i had the punishment is unbelievable. I dont care if i am killed 1000000 times down to newbie and below. But i earned those skills. I worked damn hard. Keep the gold and the items. Keep even the experience, but the skills are more arduous to earn, and time consuming.

And more to the heart, skills are what make us who we are. Not the experience. Not the gold or items. SKILLS. What would a theif be without stealth, or a mage without rituals. Pangyron may end up with more skills, but he loses nothing when he is killed. as an enemy he will attack upon my arrival That is the same aggression you wish to aleviate.

When i was growing ( i still am) i was not bothered by the strong people of Avalon. There was no overkilling, so i rode the ship. At least i could get wurtfoil and regain my stature. In a half an avalon day i can earn a lot more exp and gold than that lesson is worth. Dont stop the joy of life. please