My stupidity

Sir Ammon, Speaker for the Deadto Everyone

I would like to recount something that happened to me this afternoon, in the hope that all players can learn from my mistake and stupidity. Primarily, the purpose of this message is to underline something that I momentarily forgot in a moment of madness. Deities, regardless of alignment, actions or views should command your total respect, and being rude to one is not advisable, or to be tollerated. They are Gods, we, especially myself, are not. The events that lead to my major indiscretion are as follows: Allanon (who some messages ago threatened to kill me) attempted to carry out this promise while I was protected. I did not want to fight him, as I had no reason to. His continual harassment, including public challenges lead me take up arms, fight and quickly kill him twice. This lead to a confrontation with the God of the Night, who enquired the reason behind my violence. I recounted the events, and after several comments from mortals standing by, I lost my cool and began to act in a behaviour which wa

totally out of place in the presence of a deity. For my rudeness and lack of momentary respect for Mephisto, I was punished. As I mentioned before, let this BB act as a warning to all to remember that any God deserves everyones respect. In front of them, and behind their backs. I apologise. Sir Ammon, glad that the punishment did not fit the crime.