Guess what, lag?

Amfiarosto Everyone

come on guys, lag is very normal on the internet. The people use a server, server, or a specific line or connection, the more lag you experience.

Before Avalon moved i had the lag you are complaining about now. But i found that, logging at AM, noon, PM, evening or night can make a lot of difference. Dont forget that the Internet, is not there ONLY for Avalon. When you connect during daytime, you have a lot of business users too in Europe, which can slow down your link to the US, since a lot depends on YOUR providers servers and bandwidth to start with. And if you log in in the evening, well, then its in the US that business is starting. So, then its their servers and lines that are important.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link: your modem (28.8K), your provider's bandwidth, and so on, up to Avalon's server. So when choosing a provider, dont ONLY ask about the rates, but the technical stuff as well.

As someone said to me earlier: the internet is exploding in both business and leisure-time use, so providers have to follow, and have to upgrade to. So look around, try some different providers, or access points. Log in