Parrian Barons

Allanonto Everyone

I have just had sight of the Parrius City BB logs. Interesting reading.

Firstly due to who the posts were from (mainly the hypocritical Barons) and secondly to the pack of lies about my supposed treachery, some of the claims, quite frankly astound me.

To all the loyal Parrians citizens all I can say is talk to me - all the allegations (which I have had no way to respond to) are utter crap. Certain people such as the Patron of Parrius should and do know better.

I remind you that for the 3 weeks prior to being conveniently removed I was Chanchellor with SOLE access to all of Parrius' money !!!!!!!!.

I am not the villan of this situation, basically Parrius is as bad as Thakria - in being a god dominated dictatorship - at least they dont make claims to be what they are not.

To all my old friends and disillusioned Parrians I urge you to question the barons or leave the city - is it not right that you continue to be deluded by people that think you will be happy \"just if th stalls offer a choice of food and clothing\"