Madam Prudenceto Everyone

I must congratulate Arn on his deception. However Arns little deed is a mere spit in the cesspool that is Parrius when you compare it to the quite stunning RIP OFF, OFF THE ERA by Cardodius. Indeed Arn is a mere dodgy spiv compared to Cardodius' Grande City Wizzkid.

Alas Cardodius paid for this with his Character all the Real life cash he spent was wasted and in effect no longer plays avalon.

So my Dear Arn, I have a small calculation for you...

Divide all the money you have spent on Avalon by 45,000 gp. I suspect the answer doesnt make very good reading for youself One pound/dollar for every 100gp ?????

I dont expect to see you playing avalon ever again, but if I do... well...