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Aslan of the Illuminatito Everyone

I'm very concerned about the amount of lag ive been experiencing while in Avalon. It is presently rendering Avalon _totally_ unplayable for me. This is a bit of a concern as I have, over the months, invested a not insubstantial amount of money in my character. Is there any way in which this lag could be reduced? At present I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that my time in Avalon must come to an end. A conclusion that grieves me greatly.

I know certain characters have played from America in the past and have had to put up with lag (\"so why shouldt you Aslan? \") but all I can say get blue potion from pack outp lestagii sip blue potion eat lestagii put blue potion in pack <oops! Sorry!> is that if you had lag like I have now (i. e. between 45 and 9o seconds) then I dont know how you managed it, 'cos I cant!