My Loyalty

Allanonto Everyone

First apologies to all those not interested but as I no longer have access to the Parrian City BB I have no way of answering the lies posted about me ( handy for some that is it not!).

Apparently, it is now claimed the reason I was uncitizened was because I was about to rob the treasury and go to join Shaitan and Thakria. I supposedly even confirmed this to Haplo.

Well as anyone who knows me it is a load of crap, sure I talk to Shaitan, Macros Isildur etc and exchange propaganda etc. . However, and this is a point anyone can verify, I am totally loyal. In fact orhtwein has listened in on many conversations of mine.

Things must be desperate to drum up such lies, any who have doubts please msg or speak to me. One other point, if this is the reason I was chucked out why not bring it up beforehand and let the people decide if it is the truth or not? - Dont worry I think we all know the answer to that one dont we?