Parrian dirty laundry

Zane, the Nefariousto Everyone

Should not all the previous messages (except a scant few) have been posted on your city BB?

Though I must say, sharing all your problems with all of us does give us a rather keen insight into what Parrius is actually all about. As Shaitan already suggested, why don't you just leave? If you can't find it in you to make the leap to power, and join Thakria, at least leave and join Mercinae, it seems to serve as a good stepping stone. It is not easy, indeed, to get out from under the weight of Parrian hugginess.

A note to Harris: Your wit continues to amaze me. Almost as much as the fact that you persist in your belief that your city is worth sticking around for. Oh well, perhaps one day you will see the dark. Until then, you're a subhuman.

Zane, wishing indeed for Parrius to sink deeper into the light.