The future Of Parrius

Allanonto Marie of Parrius

Forget my personal circumstance for a minute.

It is a sad day of the supposed democracy of PArrius that an unelected @Baron@ should evict an elected one - I believe you were fearful to put ir to the people as I requested.

I suggest if PArrians care about their future they challenge you and any other Barons without the guts to stand up for democracy.

On a more personal note ask to suggest treachery is foolish, never have my acts been to the detriment of PArrius.

To Calladan who slated me on the BB, I ask is t is the person who just two weeks ago made me chancellor ans said takes no aides - a rather trustworthy position dont you think.

A note to all Parrians unaware of this, I had the abilitiy to do exactly as MArie has done, however I would NEVER abuse such power - even though my power as a Baron was given to me by the people by way of an election!! (got that Marie!)

With hoping that Parrius see's the light in time.