Cult communication/information

Sire, it appears that the problem that we of good heart have with ending the longnight is not one of willingness but rather of communication. Would it therfore be possible to have separate bb's for both the order of the sun and moon and Pangyron's cultist to help the spread of ideas and information relevant to them? It seems that currently any info is scattered over several different bb's and I am probably missing a lot of info from bb's that I have no access to. Would it also be feasible to have a who list similar that for the orders or the citizens so that we may know who our fellow cultists are? I post this as the Longnight seems to becoming a more important event in the land and rumours abounded at the meet of a possible future upgrading of major Good and Evil quests.

Humbly, Sir Yousuf, For Apollo, the Knights, Mercinae and Orestes