Your tutorial

Since you don't like to be spoken to directly, I will respect your preferences and post my thoughts.

Being mortal, and of limited knowledge regarding this fair land, I could be mistaken. And I have no doubt that you will correct me should I have misunderstood the idea behind quests.

My impression was that the Long Night was a quest for mortals to perform. I understand your putting it up again, and agree with it, under the circumstances. But isn't holding a tutorial a bit flaky? If other mortals were to show how to complete a quest, then fine. (and maybe that happened? although your post seemed to indicate that it was your knowledge they revelled in.)

But if it is meant to be a mortal quest, it would seem to be that your class would serve as divine intervention... perhaps not in this raising of the Black Sun, but in any and all that follow.

It's not as if no one knew how to put it up.