Long Night

Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

Cringe, oh Avalon, for the Long Night is once again upon your shores.

I have just restored the Long Night with a large band of my followers, who were all learning the ropes. It was a Long Night masterclass, if you will. There are now many more people capable of starting the Long Night, so I anticipate that it will become a more frequent occurence. That is, if the saps in the Order manage to remove it this time, fairly.

Shaitan assures me he has a flawless plan to maintain the Black Sun in her web. We shall see.

Perhaps this time, Apollo and the malorganised bunch of puppies he calls an order will be able to mount a coherent offensive against my highly trained regiment. Then again, probably not. We shall see.

For now, however, revel in the unlight shed by the demonic Black Sun, for it by basking in its glory you will gain in power, if you are correctly allied.

Mephisto, long god of the long night