Net dead(ness)

Aslan of the Illuminatito Everyone

I have a (respectful) suggestion to make about the problem of going net dead. I was playing an LPMUD today and i went net dead (on purpose as it happened) however when i logged back on i was presented with msg saying that my character was already active and asking me if i wished to take over this active version of me of if i would like to start from the default loc.

I just wondered if something similar might be achieved on Avalon. Obviously there is the problem of your character getting killed if it is maintained whilst you are ot in control of it, but could this not be overcome by a form of divine suspension of aggression (like an alkar) when Avalon senses that a character has gone net dead and that would be lifted on re-connection. The character could then be automatically be logged of by Avalon if re- connection is not made within a set time (say 15 minutes).

In this way a lot of time, gold, potions, herbs and stress could be avoided!

Just a thought anyhow... any views on this?