Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

To an extent I agree with the sentiments echoed in earlier BBs regarding the state of gameplay. It's less a deterioration than a growing awareness, as your character grows, that role counts for too little, and there is too much zapzap combat and mindless killing. Avalon is but the tool, though, with which people may interact - cities, guilds, skills, patronage, alignment, offer potential for interaction, a grounding for role. Weaknesses in the game system may favour or overly reward certain types of play, but they do no more than allow 'competent' individuals to stamp their personalities on the land.

I am introducing a slow-down for unbalance, and all equilibriums, which should reduce the speed of combat, giving those who do not have a hundred function keys chance to react, escape and regroup. Furthermore, if the slow-down is effective, then group combat will become far more important and the stakes in a fight can be upped, to discourage direct fighting and encourage political machination, gradual build-up of allies, and such.

It's worth writing this to let the general populace know that the problem of a lack in roleplay, and bias towards sledgehammer fighting is not being dismissed. Suggestions for improvements to gameplay are always welcome.