Mage Darachan, The Dux Bellorumto Everyone

So it finally happened. Tragarion has defected to the other side and this has deeply saddened me.

I heard a rumour a good while back that he would defect, but I thought that it wouldn't (couldn't) happen. But now look at him, he finally did it. I regarded him as a close friend, somebody I could look up to... but no longer.

I, and I'm sure that many others regard this move as an insult to what we all stand for. So what did Shaitan offer you Trag? And what did you offer him for letting you join Thakria? Go on ltell us, we'd all like to know

I hope you find comfort in you're new home, just don't expect to come crawling back.

Darachan, The greatly pissed off