One dimensional world

Dankworth, forest dreamerto Everyone

Priton - thank you for such an well-argued critique of the decline of Avalon. This is a game that is promoted as being superior to the vast majority of free, amateur MUDs. Indeed its depth of history is unparalleled , its variety of guilds and skills unequalled. That being said, your post reminded me of a very sad fact. The threat of attack means that we are unable to read the fine text of whic Aldaron and others are so rightly proud.

I chose to become an Animist because I wished to explore this wide land and whilst my protection lasts I am able to do so. To keep it I must stand by as my colleagues are slain and the forests burnt for whilst my skills are strong enough to keep me form harm if I concentrate on that only they hardly allow venturing about the land without constantly watching invulnerability, return, bladebar, bonding. If I have these difficulties I can understand that few others have time to explore.

Genesis has said that the balance in Avalon is meant to be in favour of the offense. However, for that to be workable, we cannot have combat all the time. And that involves a restraint in our roleplaying if we wish to preserve the finely balance Avalon experience. If not, this is no more than a hack and slay MUD with more skills.